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Heat Pumps

Experience Year-Round Comfort

The name heat pump can be a little deceptive. After all, it does more than just heat your home, it cools it also. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all of your heating and cooling needs, just like Air Today Heating & Cooling.

These all-in-one systems take care of all of your comfort desires, and will likely save you money month after month.


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As more and more people realize the convenience of having both heating and cooling taken care of in one system, heat pumps are becoming more popular due to their constant efficiency. They work as your air conditioner in the summer, and when winter comes around it provides your home’s heat as well.

There’s really nothing more beneficial than having a single system that can do both while also potentially allowing you to save on your monthly energy bills.

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Lucy T.

Plano, TX

Comfort from the Best of the Best: the Dave Lennox Signature® Heat Pump Collection

When you’re forced to consider heat pump replacement in Plano, look no further than the preeminent leader, the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. There’s a reason our heat pumps stand above the rest, and it starts with the character that Lennox has built over its more than 100 year existence. Durability and reliability are only the beginning.

With all three Dave Lennox Signature Collection heat pumps featuring our SilentComfort technology, you know from the get go that your home won’t be bothered when it starts running. It’s one of those things that you may not realize is so loud until you experience the quiet operation that these heat pumps give. And once you’ve experienced it you’ll be happy you made the choice you did.