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HVAC Repair and Maintenance Services

Whether your air conditioner stops working on the hottest day of summer or you’re just looking for routine HVAC maintenance, Air Today Heating & Cooling has you covered. We offer services ranging from repairs to home audits to ensure your heating and cooling systems are working efficiently.


An expert installation is the key to reliable heating or cooling. Our team will install your heating and cooling systems quickly, giving you updates on our progress – just give us a call at 972-881-1919 to learn more.


Maintenance is the key to the efficient and long-lasting performance of your HVAC systems. We recommend at least one service visit per year, per unit.We’ll help keep your systems operating smoothly.


When your systems aren’t working properly, it’s critical to trust proven HVAC technicians to handle all of your air conditioning repair needs so you can get back to enjoying a comfortable home.

Air Quality

The healthiest HVAC products can be found at Air Today Heating & Cooling. Our indoor air quality systems provide solutions to better your home’s indoor air quality and all that goes along with it.

Climate Control

Having the right temperature set on your thermostat is a critical part to being comfortable in your home. Take a look at all of the options we have and get back to enjoying the perfect environment.


That’s right. Let our team at Air Today Heating & Cooling do a free inspection of your HVAC equipment so you can keep your systems working efficiently and reliably year after year.


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